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Many of my private voice students love performing in plays, but there are only a handful of starring roles to go around. They ask me, “How am I supposed to grow as an actor and a performer if I never get the chance to play a big role?” I am invested in all of my students, and I want to offer them every opportunity to stretch, learn, and grow—and so, I decided to provide a performance opportunity where everyone has a starring role.

I started All Stars in 2018, and the first class was an immediate hit. The girls had a ton of fun, and as soon as the performance ended many of them begged me to start the next class immediately. They didn’t want a break. After the show, high school students approached me and asked for an All Stars class for their age group.

I am now offering two All Stars classes, one for ages 8-13, and one for ages 14-18. The course consists of seven weeks of Saturday classes and a performance. Each student will get a chance to pick a solo or duet. They get to choose the show and part they want to play, within the pre-set theme. At least two of the performed songs will include the whole group, so every student will also get the opportunity to be in “the chorus.” I believe valuable lessons can be learned from starring and supporting. I also believe students can learn a lot by watching one another, and cheering each other on. They will gain confidence as they sing for their classmates each week.

Due to the time constraints of the performance and the available class time, each class will have a maximum of 15 students.

At the end of eight weeks, we will perform our showcase in the HCPA Little Theater. The entire experience will be as much like a Broadway musical as possible. I will be choreographing group numbers as well as coaching everyone’s acting and singing—and the final show will have costumes, makeup, lighting, personal mics, and a live piano player.

If you are interested in signing up for an All Stars Class, continue on to see what is currently available.

Current Classes:

Youth: Ages 8-13

Teens: Ages 14-18


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