Voice Lesson FAQ

How long are voice lessons?

That depends. If our schedules permit, you can choose either a 30 minute, a 45 minute, or an hour lesson. Most of my current students have 30 minute lessons once a week.

Where do you teach?

I teach out of my home in Gilbert, AZ. I won’t give you my exact address until we schedule a lesson.

Do you ever travel to other people’s homes for lessons?

Not at this time. I traveled for some students when I taught in Santa Barbara, but now I have kids and a full schedule and it doesn’t make sense for me to travel to your home to teach… sorry!

Do you have room for new students?

Right now my schedule is pretty full, but there are always students whose schedules change. Things usually shake up at the beginning and end of school semesters, so those are good times to try and get in. Another thing that might help is if you can come to a lesson in the morning or before 3:00pm.

What type of musical instruction do you give?

My BFA is in theater, so my specialty is musical theater. I love helping my students get ready for auditions! Of course, I love all types of music, so I can also help you with art songs, sacred songs, choral pieces or pop music. I teach all ages, boys and girls, and we work on whatever style or specific song you like. If you don’t know what you want to sing, I have a large bookcase of sheet music and I can choose songs for you based on your vocal abilities and needs.

Can I sit and watch my child while you are teaching them?

Of course! I have comfy couches and you are welcome to stay. You are also welcome to drop off your student and run errands. It is up to you!

How long have you been teaching voice?

I have been teaching since I was nineteen years old, and I’m married with three kids now, so I’ve been at this a while. I’ve musically directed many stage productions for both young people and adults. I spend time keeping up with the latest in music pedagogy (as well as implementing the tried and true methods of vocal instruction) and I’m constantly trying to improve my own skills. I love passing on new tips and tricks that I learn to my students.

How much do the lessons cost?

My current prices are $25 per half hour, $35 for 45 minutes (price break!), and $50 for an hour.

Do you teach group singing lessons?

If you want to share a lesson with a friend and split the cost, that is definitely an option—and a great choice for learning duets and harmony. For double student lessons it is beneficial if both singers have similar abilities and vocal ranges, but not required.

Another option for group lessons is to enroll in one of my All Stars classes. You can find more information in the All Stars link.

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